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Curriculum Based Art Tours 
Curriculum Based Science Tours 

The following guided tours are based on the Tennessee State Curriculum Standards adopted in 2002. Tours are conducted at various sites on the property, both in the Museum and in the Gardens. Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.

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A Walk Through Time
K - 2nd Grades (45 minutes)
Learning about Nashville, how the land was formed and how it changed.
Exploring maps and boundaries, both natural and manmade.
Following the coffee trail, learning simple economics.
Building a beautiful home.
Discuss the importance of giving back to our community

Building A Legacy
3rd - 5th Grades (60 minutes)
Learn about natural resources and their impact on building Cheekwood.
Discuss the costs and benefits of personal economic choices.
Exploring goods and services, near and far.
Reading maps and timelines.
Understanding the role of museums, both public and private.
Recognizing the contributions of individuals in the history of Cheekwood.

Beyond The Boundaries
6th – 8th Grades (60 minutes)
Explore the influence of international cultures on Cheekwood through economics, architecture, art, environment, and technology.

Time And Place
9th - 12th Grades (60 minutes)
This tour takes a closer look at (choose one of the following):
International cultural connections.
The building and development of the mansion and property from the 1920’s to the present.
The changing geography of our area.

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