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Curriculum Based Art Tours 
Curriculum Based Social Studies Tour

The following guided tours are based on the Tennessee State Science Curriculum Standards for 2004. Each tour is conducted in the gardens at Cheekwood. Please dress for the weather with comfortable footwear.

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Welcome to the Garden
K - 2nd Grades (45 minutes)
What is the Cheekwood Botanic Garden?
Learn about the parts of a plant, shapes, colors, and smells.
How do plants adapt to their environment?
Learn how seeds are dispersed.
Discover interrelationships with energy and animals.
Learn about seasons and the effects of weather.

Growing More Curious
3rd – 5th Grades (60 minutes)
Explore interrelationships of plants, animals, and their environments.
Observe a Tennessee habitat and find out how to protect it.
Take a closer look at plants and animals: how their parts differ and adapt, cellular functions, and heredity.
Discover changes that occur as plants mature.

Our Green Planet
6th – 8th Grades (60 minutes)
Biomes- A Global View.
Learn about how plants and animals are adapted for their environment.
Discuss the effects of climate and weather.
Compare a Tennessee Forest with a Cloud Forest.
Examine fossils, and learn about extinction and rock cycles.

A Garden Focus
9th – 12th Grades (60 minutes)
Please choose one of the following:
Garden Design
Plants Through History

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