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We love hearing how much you are enjoying Cheekwood. 
Here are a few of our favorite comments:

• I liked it so much I joined!

• Don't miss the Pineapple Room for "Ladies' Lunches"

• This is such a remarkable place it is almost holy. I have been to so many famous museums – Italy, London, NY Boston, DC etc. Cheekwood outdoes them all as a special place.

• This exhibit [Chihuly at Cheekwood] is absolutely the best that has come to Nashville EVER. Seeing it at night is truly the best way to experience it, if Wednesday nights were added, think how many more people's lives would change because of the extra chance to view!?!?! Art is what keeps people alive in times of crisis, clearly Nashville has seen crisis lately. The more art can bump up its availability, the more hope and outlets people can have in this time. 

• Chihuly Nights ROCK! 

• It is a magical experience! 

• Such a spectacular exhibit comes along once in a long while. To savor it would be grand! That means going back more than once for some of us and having plenty of chances to go the first time for others. Thanks for such innovative and collaborative programming. 

• Everyone in Nashville should have the chance to experience this enriching installation! 

• Chihuly Nights is spectacular! The nighttime viewing is the very best way to showcase the incredible artwork of Chihuly.

• I have been visiting Nashville, on and off, for 40 yrs. Last fall I went with some friends to Cheekwood Garden. It was breaththakingly beautiful. I look forward to visiting again during another season of the year.
     - Donna A. McLaughlin

Cheekwood itself is soooooooo beautiful. We were impressed with all the glass sculptures, the museum and the gardens. Walking around the gardens at night with all those lit up creations and the fireflies all around, I felt like we stepped into a Tim Burton movie. 
     - Anne,

I'm sad to say I had never visited Cheekwood until recently, because of their high admission and fear that it was a overly glorified garden. But for the month of January anybody can get in for just one dollar, so my husband and I made our way to the west side. 

     - Heather,

We love spending our Saturdays here {at Cheekwood}"

     - Holly Bailey, Franklin, Tennessee


The gift shop is as varying and beautiful as the grounds!

     - Martha Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA


Spring is here! There are beautiful flowers everywhere. This is the perfect place for a long walk or to just read a book. The faberge exhibit is so cool. My friend got married at Cheekwood last year and it was so pretty, I'm glad I came back to enjoy it.

     - Nashville CitySearch review


There are gardens for every type of nature lover, from the manicured rosebeds and wisteria trellises to a wildflower garden overgrown with native plants. The Japanese Garden isnot to be missed, and in the center of all of this is an impressive mansion, now an art gallery. Cheekwood is a beautiful oasis in a growing city of suburbs and strip malls. I highly recommend it!

     - member review



Beautiful Collection in a beautiful setting – worth the airplane from Kentucky
     - Toon, Bernheim, KY


The Gardens are exceptional – even in the rain!

     - RE, Florida



Cheekwood’s art exhibition was intriguing, thought-provoking and challenging. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.

     - Amy, Minnesota


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